Forms & Fees


  • How do I establish sewer service?

    If you are purchasing property served by BCRA, you can establish sewer service by calling the office Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at 724-625-1699.  You will be asked to supply your name, address of the property purchased, a contact phone number, billing address if different from the service address and the date of closing.

  • How do I discontinue sewer service?

    Sewer service is not discontinued or terminated for the Authority does not meter. Billing will continue until the property sells and changes ownership and at which time the sewer charge will be prorated between the buyer and the seller from the date of closing. You should contact the Authority with any change in mailing information for bills will not be forwarded by the post office.

  • Where do I pay my bill?

    Online – eNet Pay

    Pay online by secure check or credit card. Breakneck Creek Regional Authority accepts payments made by you using a secure check or credit card. This payment service is provided and administered by eNETPAY, which is an unaffiliated third-party. A convenience fee will be paid to eNETPAY; this fee will be added to the total amount of the payment for this service. You will be given an opportunity to accept or decline the payment after the total amount is calculated.

    If you are making a payment because of a SHUT OFF NOTICE, you must contact the Authority immediately after processing. A Schedule of Fees Follows: Click here to view

    Pay Bills Online

    To access this service, Click Here

    In Person – 1166 Mars Evans-City Road

    Cash, check, money order or cashier’s check along with the bottom portion of your bill are accepted at the above address during regular business hours. Change cannot be made for denominations greater than $10.00.


    Lock Box – 1166 Mars Evans-City Road

    Place the bottom portion of your bill and your check, money order or cashier’s check in the envelope provided.  Deposit the envelope into the 24 hour lock box located to the left of the entrance doors to BCRA’s business office.  DO NOT make cash payments in the lock box.


    By Mail – PO Box 1180, Mars PA 16046-1180

    Place your payment by check, money order or cashier’s check along with the bottom portion of your bill in the envelope provided, affix postage stamp and return. Please allow ample mail time for the payment to be received by the due date.

  • How do I set up electronic payment?

    Payment Options

    EFT Automatic Payment (Free Service)

    BCRA offers an EFT (electronic fund transfer) option for payment of bills.  By selecting this option, you would no longer receive an invoice by mail and the funds due would automatically be deducted from your selected checking account before the 20th of the month in which payment is due.


    Charges will be deducted from your designated bank account on the following dates:

      • January 19, 2024  – for 4th Quarter 2023 sewer service
      • April 19, 2024 – for 1st Quarter 2024 sewer service
      • July 19, 2024 – for 2nd Quarter 2024 sewer service
      • October 19, 2024 – for 3rd Quarter 2024 sewer service

    Customers who participate in the EFT option are mailed a notice at the beginning of each year informing them when the withdrawals will take place for the upcoming year.

    If you currently are not an EFT customer and desire to become one, you may contact the Authority office or download a form from the website to complete, follow the instructions on the form and return the form and requested document to the Authority to participate. Customers with multiple accounts must complete and submit an authorization form for each account.

    EFT Application Form Download


  • How can I see if you service my location?

    You can contact the Authority at 724-625-1699 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and inquire or you may come to the office and view the mapping that is available.

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